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X-ray showing a curved spine

Neck & Back Medical Center is focused on one ultimate goal: achieving the highest quality of life for each of our patients. Conditions like scoliosis can jeopardize the level of activity and comfort of our patients. We treat it with a multidisciplinary, holistic approach right here in our clinic. Scoliosis, or a curved spine, can…

M6 Laser

Neck & Back Medical Center has many resources that help us provide you with the best possible care to improve your symptoms. One of our greatest resources is our state of the art technology, like the M6 therapy laser. With years of experience, a comprehensive treatment method, and our advanced technological systems, the team at…

Woman experiencing back pain

There are many potential causes of back pain: a vigorous workout, an unusual sleeping position, age, poor diet, and more. A thorough physical examination is necessary to determine the exact cause, but Neck & Back Medical Center knows that disc injuries are often the cause of back pain in our patients. In the past, surgery…

spine x-ray image

Sometimes, age or disease interferes with the function of the spine. One such interference is spinal stenosis, a condition that puts pressure on the spinal cord and nerves within the spine. Without treatment, it can be severely detrimental to health and mobility. Learn more about spinal stenosis and the associated symptoms below. Spinal Stenosis Types…