Infographic   Keeping your neck flexible can help you combat neck pain and improve function for a series of conditions we have pain treatments for at Neck and Back Medical Center. Whether you suffer from occasional kinks or experience neck pain daily, neck stretches, along with upper body stretching, can have many positive effects. These stretches can help elongate and improve range of motion in your neck, with the goal of achieving more comfort and minimizing neck pain. Reach out to the team at Neck and Back Medical Center in Laguna Hills, California, with any questions or to learn more about stretches for the rest of your body      
Woman experiencing back pain
There are many potential causes of back pain: a vigorous workout, an unusual sleeping position, age, poor diet, and more. A thorough physical examination is necessary to determine the exact cause, but Neck & Back Medical Center knows that disc injuries are often the cause of back pain in our patients. In the past, surgery was the best option for correcting a herniated or degenerated disc. Today, treatment methods are available to lead those with disc injuries down the path to recovery quickly and without the stress of surgery. Read on to learn how patients can recover from symptoms of a disc injury and heal without invasive procedures.

Disc Injury Recovery at Neck & Back Medical Center

When you are experiencing back pain you suspect may be related to a disc injury, the best thing you can do for your body is to rest. Don’t overexert yourself or take steps to correct your own injury, and of course, schedule an appointment with a doctor or specialist. Once you seek counsel from a professional, they may recommend modified activities or forms of physical therapy to help ease pain and restore proper function in your back. The main goal is to release pressure on spinal discs and reduce inflammation that causes pain. To make a full recovery from a spinal disc injury, the effects of a herniated disc on the spine and vertebrae must be fully reversed. The following steps are necessary in order for a patient to be totally comfortable and healed:
  1. Relief from pain of a herniated disc
  2. Reduce activity level to promote recovery
  3. Take steps to reduce inflammation
  4. Finish with measures to restore strength and activity
At Neck & Back Medical Center, we use a comprehensive treatment plan to relieve pain and improve the condition of our patients quickly. We combine sessions of disc decompression therapy and physical therapy to improve both comfort and function. To learn more about our treatment method, or find out how to best participate in your own recovery from a spinal disc injury, visit our clinic in Laguna Hills, California. The team at Neck & Back is available to answer your questions and get you scheduled for a complimentary consultation if you feel our non-surgical options are right for you.
spine x-ray image
Sometimes, age or disease interferes with the function of the spine. One such interference is spinal stenosis, a condition that puts pressure on the spinal cord and nerves within the spine. Without treatment, it can be severely detrimental to health and mobility. Learn more about spinal stenosis and the associated symptoms below.

Spinal Stenosis Types and Symptoms

First, what exactly is spinal stenosis? By definition, spinal stenosis is a narrowing of the spinal canal. It commonly occurs in the neck and lower back and is most often associated with the degenerative effects of old age. It can also be a congenital disease. Spinal stenosis in the lower back is lumbar spinal stenosis, and in the neck, it is cervical stenosis. So what are the symptoms? With lumbar spinal stenosis, spinal nerve roots in the lower back are compressed. This can cause the following symptoms:
  • Tingling, weakness, or numbness that radiates from the lower back
  • Leg pain with walking
  • Reduced pain when sitting down / with rest
If the spinal stenosis is cervical, those affected may experience the following:
  • Stiffness, pain, or numbness in the neck, shoulders, arms, hands, or legs
  • Balance and coordination problems
  • Loss of bowel or bladder control
In either case, spinal stenosis symptoms often develop slowly over time and typically come and go rather than being continuous.

Spinal Stenosis Treatment at Neck & Back Medical Center

At Neck and Back Medical Center, back pain management is one the main conditions we treat. Spinal stenosis treatment methods vary, but physical therapy is the best alternative to drugs or surgery. At Neck & Back Medical Center, our team will put together a physical therapy rehabilitation plan that combats your symptoms and prevents them from returning in the future. Stop in at our clinic in Laguna Hills, California to learn more about our team and treatment options or schedule a complimentary consultation today. We look forward to helping all of our patients achieve their maximum comfort level and functioning.