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Alcohol Addiction Treatment Nashville

Integrative Life Center is a preeminent rehab for alcohol addiction treatment in Nashville. Our holistic treatment approach addresses physical, mental, and behavioral problems as part of a holistic treatment protocol.

Our philosophy to treating alcohol addiction

We believe in using an integrated and holistic approach to alcohol treatment, which helps our residents attain comprehensive recovery and improved wellness. All our therapies address the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual imbalances and prevent addiction-related behavioral and mental health issues from resurfacing in the future.

Alcohol addiction often stems from an underlying physical or mental health condition. Our holistic model of care treats the entire web of issues that leads to alcohol abuse and helps patients lead a healthy, happy, and sober life over the years.

How inpatient rehab for alcoholism helps?

Our inpatient drug rehab in Nashville, TN, has the highest success rates and optimizes the chances of comprehensive recovery from alcohol addiction by several folds. By taking place in an upscale and enclosed facility for 30-, 60-, or 90- days, our inpatient program keeps you free from distractions and triggers, enabling you to focus on healing and recovery.

More importantly, our inpatient addiction treatment for substance use disorders engages you in a series of therapies throughout the day, such as psychotherapies, counseling sessions, medication management, support group meetings, etc. Inpatient treatment provides an immersive recovery experience, reducing your risk for relapse and helping you attain improved mental wellness.

Role of medication management in recovery from alcohol addiction

Medication management is an indispensable part of our Nashville addiction treatment program. It is also an fundamental part of our inpatient addiction and mental health treatment in Nashville. The use of prescription drugs alongside substance abuse treatment boosts the chances of successful recovery and enables recovering addicts to overcome the dangerous withdrawal symptoms safely.

We use specific medications to ease the withdrawal symptoms and prevent relapse. Drugs like Disulfiram create an unpleasant physical reaction when attempting to consume alcohol, thereby eliminating the patient's desire to drink. Other common drugs that we use in our Nashville addiction recovery program include Acamprosate, Naltrexone, and Vivitrol. 

Importance of ongoing recovery after alcohol rehab treatment

The second-best thing after completing your alcohol addiction treatment is finding support and guidance in the post-rehab period. It is pivotal that you attend support group sessions or seek out the company of other recovering addicts to help you share your struggles, accomplishments, and recovery experiences.

Continuing care programs strengthen your commitment to sobriety by allowing you to meet new people battling with similar issues and work together towards common goals. Peer support can keep you motivated and provide you with a sense of sober fellowship and affiliation, preventing relapse in the long term.

As a pioneer rehab specializing in treating dual diagnosis conditions, Integrative Life Center has helped multiple addiction victims find their way to sobriety and attain improved mental wellness over the years. Make the call now to embark on a liberation journey towards sobriety. Reach us at 615-891-2226 to learn more about our alcohol addiction treatment in Nashville.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Nashville
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Alcohol Addiction Treatment Nashville
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