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Though treatment options have been limited throughout history, Neck & Back has had much success treating the harmful nerve damage disorder known as neuropathy. For our patients undergoing treatment, we want to explore all the options that could bring you more comfort. Read below to learn about the potential benefits of neuropathy therapy socks.

Neuropathy Therapy Socks: How Do They Work?

First, what is neuropathy? Neuropathy is a condition that means your peripheral nerves have been damaged or aren’t functioning correctly. This condition can be inherited at birth, or developed later in life due to a number of potential causes.   Symptoms include:
  • loss of sensitivity to pain and temperatures
  • greater risk of infection
  • pain
  • numbness
  • muscle weakness
  • cramping
What are neuropathy therapy socks? The idea behind neuropathy therapy socks is pretty simple — they are therapeutic, soft-stretch, non-binding socks that can help neuropathy patients walk without pain and swelling. How do neuropathy therapy socks work? Neuropathy therapy socks will cover your ankles and up to your calves. These socks are made of ceramic nano-particles and feature an extra-wide ankle to make sure restriction isn’t an issue. By applying less pressure than a normal sock on your foot and ankle, neuropathy therapy socks allow for more circulation and blood flow.

Neuropathy Treatment at Neck & Back Medical Center

We hope you explore neuropathy therapy socks as a way to make daily activities more comfortable, but we know socks are no substitute for the tried-and-true treatment methods at our clinic. For long-term, permanent recovery, Neck & Back uses the following treatment methods:
  • Electro analgesia: attaches electrodes to affected areas to override neuropathic pain signals
  • Laser Therapy: improves blood function, strengthen blood vessels, and stimulate nerves
The team at Neck & Back is committed to helping each patient reach their optimal level of comfort and quality of life. Seek treatment today in Laguna Hills, California, by scheduling your complimentary consultation at our clinic.
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