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How to detox from drugs

Stopping your physical dependence on drugs or alcohol is crucial for complete recovery from addiction. This is possible through detoxification, a process that removes all traces of alcohol or drugs from your system. While detoxing at home appeals to many, it might not be the best choice for you. Before you research on how to detox from drugs at home, it is always recommended to consult a doctor. There are various reasons why home detox can be dangerous, especially if you are quitting benzodiazepines or alcohol. High chances are you will want to use again, even just a taste, to minimize the severe withdrawal symptoms that comes with stopping the use of these substances.

On the other hand, you can come to us at Royal Life Centers at Chapter 5 for medical detoxification. When you undergo detox at our addiction treatment center, you will be closely monitored round the clock by our medical professionals to reduce the likelihood of relapsing.

Benefits of Detoxing Yourself vs. Detoxing Safely with Us

Detox at home has some benefits that we cannot ignore. Some of them are:

  • It’s Less Expensive

Many people avoid drug treatment centers for financial reasons. If you cannot afford an addiction treatment program that offers medically supervised detox, detoxing yourself can be the other option. If it goes well, home detox can help you begin your recovery journey, which is better than not trying at all.

  • If May Be Suitable if You Have A Mild Addiction

Detox at home can be effective when you’re dealing with a mild addiction. This means it will be easier to quit since the side effects will not be as severe, and you may be able to overcome your cravings on your own.

  • Less Interference with Your Routine

When you detox at home, there’s less interference to your daily life. You can attend work, school and take care of other responsibilities while ridding your body of the physical dependence on drugs or alcohol.

While detoxing yourself has its benefits, the advantages of coming to our addiction rehab centers for detoxification include:

  • Safe and Comfortable Detox for Severe Addiction

Abusing drugs or alcohol for extended periods and in high amounts can make it harder to detox at home. Your withdrawal symptoms will cause intense discomfort and may lead to life-threatening complications.

We provide medication to counter withdrawal symptoms and closely monitor you to ensure we address any health complications arising from quitting drug or alcohol use.

  • Less Likelihood for Relapsing

Most people who try detoxing without professional assistance end up relapsing. One reason why is because they’re unable to get past the withdrawal period, and the other is because they don’t have a strategy for staying sober after detox.

At Royal Life Centers at Chapter 5, we have an addiction rehab process that includes detox in a supportive environment to help your body successfully eliminate traces of drugs or alcohol. The next step after detox is evidence-based treatment and therapies in our inpatient or outpatient programs to help you attain long-term recovery.

Get Detox That Actually Works

Wondering how to detox from drugs? We recommend our medically-assisted detox. At Royal Life Centers at Chapter 5, we accept different insurance plans to ensure that finances don’t keep you from getting the help you need. We provide the ‘best addiction treatment near me’ that you’re looking for, and our rehab specialists will ensure you have a safe, comfortable, and effective detox. Get free, confidential help for addiction to drugs and alcohol: 877-732-6837.