Herniated Disc Laguna Hills

Herniated Disc Laguna Hills

How To Prevent A Herniated Disc In Laguna Hills

According to a specialist of herniated disc in Laguna Hills, the condition occurs when there is a problem with one or more of the rubbery cushions or discs that are located between the bones that make up the human spine. Herniated disc is also known as both ruptured disc and slipped disc.

This condition occurs when the rubber or softer jelly slips out through a tear in the exterior. Herniated disc specialists in Laguna Hills agree that numbness, pain, and weakness in a leg or an arm are the commonest consequences of a slipped disc. However, you may not need a surgery to correct your herniated disc if it is treated by an experienced herniated disc expert in Laguna Hills.

Symptoms of herniated discs

As mentioned earlier, leg or arm pain is among the commonest symptoms of the condition. The location of the pain depends on the location of the slip. For instance, if you have herniated disc in your lower back, there will be pain in your buttocks, lap and calf.

If the slipped disc occurs in your neck, the pain will be most severe in your shoulders and arms. It does not stop there, it can be felt in other parts of the body like your leg when you sneeze or cough, or when you move your spine. Remember, your whole spine is interconnected.

It is also possible for you to feel certain tingling and numbness in some parts of your body when you have a herniated disc. In addition, some affected muscles can suddenly become weak and this may prevent you from being able hold or lift items properly.

On rare cases, you may not feel any symptoms at all. There are people who have it but do not feel any symptom at all. They will only get to know when they take spiral images for some other reasons. However, there is a little bit of psychology involved here. When people eventually find out that they have a herniated disc, they will begin to witness symptoms that they didn't encounter before then.

Causes of the condition

The major cause of disc herniation is age-related wear and tear. As you grow older, your spinal discs will gradually begin to lose some of their water content in a process known as disc degeneration. The loss of water content makes them less flexible and more susceptible to both rupturing and tearing.

Sometimes, lifting heavy objects with back muscles can cause disc herniation. On very rare cases, a fall or a powerful blow to the back can also cause a herniated disc. For instance, if a car rams into your car from the back, you can suffer disc herniation.

Prevention of disc herniation

You can prevent the condition with regular exercises that stabilize and support the spine and also strengthen the trunk muscles. Since obesity increases the risk of disc herniation, you should maintain a healthy weight. It is also very important to maintain good posture all the time. You should keep your back straight when sitting down. And when you are lifting a heavy load, involve your leg muscles too. Don't leave it on your back alone.

Herniated Disc Laguna Hills

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Herniated Disc Laguna Hills Herniated Disc Laguna Hills