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Senior Living Grimes

We understand the inherent difficulty of making any decision that affects our elders, but precisely because is such a delicate decision, finding the best senior living in Grimes becomes essential.

You can rest assured you found the ideal place, as we are thrilled on welcoming you and your family to the Kennybrook Village experience. Home of the best nursing facilities in Grimes, IA, at Kennybrook you’ll find a highly qualified team of experts that comprehend the importance of guaranteeing life quality for our grandpas and grandmas. 

This is not one of your typical senior living communities in Grimes, IA. At Kennybrook, both the staff and the seniors are a family living under the same roof and under the same set of principles aimed at creating the best environment possible.

However, it’s understandable that you have a lot of questions regarding this process. But don’t worry a bit, as we are set to answer each doubt it might arise. We can guarantee you’ll be enhancing your loved one's lifestyle after entering Kennybrook Village. 

Is Kennybrook among the best Grimes nursing homes?

You should not doubt this anymore; Kennybrook Village is known for successfully providing highly effective care to residents thorugh an innovative approach to assisted living services. Aside from offering all the required features of a conventional nursing home, we have developed a system in which independent living is encouraged for our seniors.

This means that all residents will found the necessary tools to enjoy a dynamic lifestyle intertwined with leisure and social activities. Privacy for each resident is guaranteed, as we see our facilities as a place where everyone can feel at home.

However, for those seniors with special needs, Kennybrook has a professional staff ready to help your loved one when bathing, dressing, or taking medications. They’ll always be safe and sound. 

How can I know my loved one will have every need covered?

You’ll not find another nursing home near Grimes that assures its residents with all the services they might need regardless of their personal situation. Our senior-friendly apartments are thought to offer a maintenance-free experience that will never ask seniors to change a lightbulb or configure their TV systems.

At Kennybrook Village, we have a licensed nurse on staff that will assess the situation of each senior and recommend personalized treatment. This will guarantee that each resident will be given appropriate care, from dietary plans to activity schedules. 

Furthermore, all residents will be under constant medical observation, focusing on any foreseeable emergencies. Their medications will be covered by the home and the medical expert team will be equipped with all the necessary information to assure proper treatment. 

What do you mean by “Continuing Care Retirement Community”?

The approach at Kennybrook is to innovate the current state of assisted living in Grimes. To do so, the CCRC offered at our facilities seeks to provide different levels of continuing care in a way all of our residents can be confident of receiving everything they need. 

Along with the aforementioned independent living approach, Kennybrook offers Assisted Living Memory Care and Short and Long-term rehabilitation, all plans that include a state-of-the-art package of services designed to meet each specific circumstance of the residents. 

And did you know that our seniors are more than welcomed to bring their beloved pets to the community? They are! Any pet below 50 pounds can make the perfect companion for our residents and provide that home-like feeling we are so eager to create at Kennybrook. 

If you think it’s time to give your loved a proper care while being confident about their safety, don’t hesitate any further and contact Kennybrook Village with any questions: Phone: 515-369-3900

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