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Every year, people make New Year’s resolutions. These can vary from person to person, and they can be something tiny (like flossing every day) or something life-changing (like losing a significant amount of weight). For 2017, some of the most popular New Year’s resolutions include:
  • healthier lifestyles
  • better organization
  • picking up new hobbies
  • saving money
No matter your what your resolutions are, the hardest part is sticking with them. Our goal is always to help our patients achieve their highest quality of life, and positive changes can make that goal much more attainable. Read below for some tips to help you stick with your New Year’s resolutions from the team at Neck & Back Medical Center.

Stick With Your Resolutions in Laguna Hills, California

Setting your sights on personal goals and positive changes in the New Year is a great first step. The next step is seeing these resolutions through. Some of the following tips and tricks may help reinforce your dedication to your resolutions, and make for a truly wonderful 2017.
  1. Write your resolutions down: Not that you would forget, but writing down your resolutions and leaving them in a place you’ll see them every day (like your refrigerator, or on your desk at work) can be a simple way to make sure you stay focused on your goals.
  2. Start small: Big dreams are good, but if your New Year’s resolutions are too lofty, you’ll be more likely to throw in the towel. Work your way up from goals that are easier to accomplish while chipping away at long-term resolutions over the course of the year.
  3. Tell someone: Preferably a friend or family member who can help you stay accountable. You might even pair up with someone who has a similar resolution so you can keep each other honest.
  4. Incentivize achievement: Work off a rewards system — like treating yourself to your favorite latte if you get up early to make it to the gym before work, or getting one new item you love for your house every time you finish organizing a room.
  5. Give yourself a break: If your goal is to make healthy eating choices, choose one day a week you’ll let yourself splurge. If you want to stop using your credit cards, decide in advance what emergencies would warrant the use of plastic.
Do any of these ideas sound like they would work to help keep you on track with your New Year’s resolutions? Let us know how we can help. The team at Neck & Back Medical Center is always available to help you maximize your health, quality of life and happiness.
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New Year’s resolutions are great, but why wait for 2017 to start prioritizing your health and happiness? Holidays may be a time for rest, relaxation, and indulgence, but there are ways to stay on track, even during the most festive season of the year. Neck & Back Medical Center wants to share some easy ways to stay healthy, avoid illness, and make better choices for your well-being this holiday season.

Healthier Holidays in Laguna Hills, California

Stay Well ‘Tis the season for stuffy noses, sniffles, and coughs that just won’t quit. To avoid this year’s endless sequence of colds that are ‘going around,’ be sure to take the following precautions:
  • Wash your hands well and often. This means soap, water, and at least 20 seconds of scrubbing.
  • Bundle up. Stay dry and warm with appropriate outdoor clothing.
  • Manage stress, and get plenty of sleep. A well-rested body is better equipped to fight off illness.
  Make Good Choices There are several easy ways to keep your food choices (reasonably) healthy, even at all the holiday parties:
  • Eat before you go to holiday parties. This may seem counterintuitive, but it will keep you from overindulging in party treats.
  • Drink more water to balance out excess sodium and food intake.
  • Choose vegetables and healthy proteins first at the buffet table, then go for the more high-calorie dishes.
Stay Active Relaxing doesn’t have to turn into a total snooze fest — keep moving this holiday season:
  • Go for a walk or a run, especially on days where you know you will be eating more than usual.
  • Plan family activities outdoors, like flag football, a family stroll through the neighborhood, or even just throwing a frisbee.
  • Schedule your day to include time for exercise. Just because it’s not a normal workday, doesn’t mean a little structure won’t help.
Want more insight into your health as we close 2016 and move forward to a New Year? Let Neck & Back Medical Center help you achieve your goals. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team with questions or concerns.
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Happy Holidays from the Neck & Back Team

The team at Neck & Back Medical Center wants to wish all of our wonderful patients an enjoyable, relaxing holiday season. As 2016 comes to a close and you prepare for a brand New Year, we send our best wishes for peace, love, health, and happiness. Take some time as the year winds down to remember the best moments from this year — what was your favorite part of 2016? And as you look to the New Year, set new goals and objectives — what do you hope will be your favorite part of 2017? As always, the Neck & Back team wants to help our patients and loved ones achieve the highest quality of life. Let us know how we can be a part of your health and happiness in 2017. Happy holidays to all, and a very merry New Year!