neck-and-back-stem-cellRegenerative medicine is becoming more and more useful as advancements are made that increase its healing potential in patients with diseases, injuries, and congenital conditions. These new regenerative therapies often work by supercharging stem cells through the use of pure, highly concentrated platelets. This is known as platelet therapy or platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP).

Why does PRP / stem cell therapy work?

Stem cells are special cell types for two reasons:

  1. They can divide and renew themselves, so the quality and health of the cell is able to be maintained.
  2. They can be modified to perform special functions, aiding the body in the healing process.

PRP / stem cell is effective because it relieves pain and promotes long lasting healing in your body. At Neck and Back Medical Center, it is one of the many ways that we can treat our patients without resorting to drugs or surgery, and one of the many reasons we have seen so much success with patients who thought they had run out of treatment options.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy at Neck and Back Medical Center

Platelets have two healing functions. Their main purpose is to clot blood and halt bleeding from open wounds, but they also carry special proteins called growth factors.

When PRP / stem cell therapy is administered, blood is drawn from a patient and an increased concentration of platelets is combined with existing blood. Then, it is separated and applied where the body needs it by way of careful injection. PRP / stem cell therapy is an ideal choice for athletes and other active people who suffer from tendon injuries and want a non-surgical procedure.

Patients who receive PRP / stem cell therapy may have the following results:

  1. Reduced pain levels
  2. Accelerated tissue regeneration
  3. Less overall time for the healing process

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