Welcome to Neck and Back Medical Center

Neck and Back Medical Center is committed to serving our community with the most comprehensive level of care available. We use a unique approach combining medical, physical therapy and chiropractic treatments to achieve the best outcomes possible for our patients. Our facility utilizes the most advanced technologies available for spinal treatment. Our goal is not only to eliminate pain, but to permanently restore health and function in our patients to achieve the highest quality of life.

Our Treatments

Meet Our Staff

Corey Gould, D.C.

Graduate of the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, Whittier, CA

Robert B. Sklar, M.D.

Graduate of the Wayne State University Detroit MI

Bailey T. Jewett, D.C.

Palmer West Chiropractic College, San Jose, CA

Shana Maghsoodi, PT

Graduate Texas Woman's University

Olivia Johnston, DPT

New York Institute of Technology