When identifying the cause of your back pain, the first thing to decide is which region of your back is giving you trouble. If the pain is located in your lower back, the cause of your pain may be a herniated or degenerated disc.

Patients used to need surgery to correct this condition, but modern developments have given way to non-surgical options for correcting herniated and degenerated discs, as well as options for treating the pain until a full recovery is made.

Non-Surgical Disc Injury Treatment in Laguna Hills, California

disc-injuryThe vertebral disc in the spine functions as a shock absorber between adjacent vertebrae. Spinal discs act as ligaments that hold the vertebrae of the spine together and allow for slight mobility in the spine.

Since discs are constantly under pressure, it can be difficult for them to heal without proper treatment. To relieve pain and allow disc injuries to heal, we treat them by reducing pressure inside the disc. We also take steps to foster the transfer of fluids, nutrients, and oxygen back inside the disc. Rehydration of the disc nucleus can restore the disc to its normal height and relieve the pressure of inflamed joints of the spine, giving the affected patient much-needed pain relief in the process.

At Neck and Back Medical Center, our patients receive the best, most comprehensive treatment possible to reverse the effects of disc injuries. The treatment occurs in sessions and is coupled with physical therapy to restore the patient to his or her former level of function and comfort.


First, the patient is custom-fitted with an upper harness to secure the upper body and prevent repositioning or unnecessary movement during treatment.

Next, the patient is positioned on the treatment table, comfortably secured by pelvic restraints to prevent movement or disruption during treatment.

Then, painless tension is applied to distract the injured disc and reduce pressure inside the disc. The tension is administered via the table and controlled by a computer to ensure precision and effectiveness.

Multiple sessions may be required before a full recovery is made.

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