At Neck and Back Medical Center, we know how much chronic pain can interfere with the lives of our patients, particularly when it goes untreated. Typical treatments like medications often focus on treating pain instead of what’s causing it.

We believe in treating the source of the problem, not the symptom.

So how should we approach pain management and help our patients who suffer from chronic pain? We start with a detailed evaluation, collaborate to put together a comprehensive treatment plan, and use advanced technology to treat the source of your pain and get you started down the road to recovery and pain-free living.

Chronic Pain Management at Neck and Back Medical

n&b-chronic-pain-managementWhen does pain become chronic? Really, it’s all a matter of time.

Chronic pain can be classified as mild to excruciating discomfort that lasts more than three months. And these kinds of symptoms are made all the more frustrating by failed treatments or rehabilitation programs that simply won’t work.

At Neck and Back Medical Center, we have a reputation for helping patients who have had a long-running history of failed treatments. We attribute a lot of that success to our collaborative treatment method.

You’ve heard that two heads are better than one, and we know that our multi-disciplinary approach to medicine is better than a single method. Our staff of Medical Doctors and Physical Therapists work together to solve even the most complex cases, finding a solution that works for each patient.

If you’re ready to take control of your pain and discover pain management techniques that work for you, come to Neck and Back Medical Center for a free consultation. We are located in beautiful Laguna Hills, California, and we look forward to helping current and future patients find relief.