5 Things To Know About Laguna Hills Laser Therapy

More and more clinicians are beginning to realize the astounding therapeutic effect of laser for relieving pain and inflammation caused by many common conditions. Doctors and patients are using laser therapy more now than before. If you are still in doubt about laser therapy and its effectiveness, then here are five things you should know about Laguna Hills laser therapy;

1) Laser therapy reduces pain and inflammation:

Laguna Hills laser therapy reduces pain and inflammation without the side effects that are usually common with medication. It uses a process called photobiomodulation. In photobiomodulation, photons interact with the cytochrome C complex found in the mitochondria of tissue. This interaction will result in an increase in cellular metabolism and a reduction of pain and inflammation.

Compare to other treatment options where pain and discomfort may return after some time, patients who opt for this laser therapy report long-lasting pain relief. The severity of the condition will determine the number of treatment required, but generally, after only a few treatment, patients report improvement.

2) Laser treatment is effective for acute and chronic conditions:

This laser therapy is very effective in treating acute conditions. When it is administered immediately after an injury, it brings about a faster reduction of inflammation and stimulates immediate healing process. With this laser therapy, the body can be returned to its normal functioning following an acute injury.

This laser therapy is equally effective for chronic conditions, particularly for persistent pain and inflammation. It helps to bring about an immediate reduction in inflammation and helps to alleviate pain.

3) Laser treatment can be customized:

This laser treatment can be customized based on the situation. The laser can typically be set to operate from as low as 0.5W to as high as 25W, this allows for flexibility of treatment. Some laser delivery system features multiple heads, each adapted for maximum delivery in different situations. Aside from multiple heads, different sized treatment heads also have a part to play in administrating treatment that may require a varying degree of precision.

Treatment customization can also be aided by Advanced software tool employed. Clinicians can build custom treatment based on patient’s specific characteristics, body region affected, or condition.

4) Laser treatment causes no discomfort:

For many people who have not tried laser therapy, one of the things they usually wish to know is how the experience feels like. Depending on the particular laser being used, Laguna Hills laser therapy causes little to no sensation. Patients may feel absolutely nothing or just a gentle soothing warmth. In fact, some patients report enjoying the experience, particularly when a massage-ball treatment head is employed. This is described as laser massage.

Using high power lasers, patients have often reported feeling a rapid and immediate decrease in pain. This is particularly obvious in cases of chronic pain.

5) Laser treatment is fast:

This laser treatment is especially very fast, ranging between 5-10minutes depending on factors such as severity of the condition being treated, its size and depth. High power lasers have the ability to deliver a lot of energy in a short time frame, thereby allowing the required therapeutic dosage to be delivered in quick time. This further shortens the treatment time.

Laguna Hills laser therapy is particularly effective for people; doctors, clinicians, patients, who have very tight schedules.