What You Need To Know About Neuropathy Treatment In Mission Viejo

Pain is a physiological feeling that occurs when your nerves relay pain signals to your brain. It may be as a result of damage or injury in a part of your body. However, when your nerves have been damaged the pain you will feel is what is referred to as neuropathic pain. Your spinal cord is the main transportation route of your central nervous system. If you suffer any damage to your central or peripheral nervous system, you will suffer neuropathic pain. The next cause of action is to look for a neuropathy treatment in Mission Viejo.

Treatment for neuropathic pain can only commence after the cause is discovered. The pain can be as a result of cancer, diabetes, nerve compression, exposure to toxins, abuse of alcohol, infections, hormonal disorders, or immune system disorders. However, it is not I’m every situation that the cause of this pain can be reversed or determined. When this happens, doctors in neuropathy treatment in Mission Viejo may administer treatment that will gradually allow the nerves to heal. The longer the pain is allowed to linger, the more difficult it will be to manage.

Treatment Options for Neuropathy Treatment in Mission Viejo

1) Treatment for Multiple Malfunctions

In a situation where the pain is caused by a disruption in more than one peripheral nerve in the body treating the cause may help reduce the pain. The most common cause is diabetes, and this condition is known as polyneuropathy. Blood sugar control is the best way to reduce the pain assuming diabetes is causing it. On the other hand, if the pain is as a result of a deficiency in a vitamin, then administration of supplements will be the best way to reduce it.

2) Treatment for Nerve Injury

If the doctor diagnoses that you have a nerve injury, checking and treating this injury is the first thing to do to reduce the pain. This is because the injured area, as well as the surrounding areas, will be affected due to the sudden impact the body feels when a nerve is injured. With time, the pain can improve on its own. But it is always best to get a doctor to check this injury in time to eliminate the risk of further damage.

3) Nerve Compression

This happens when one nerve or more than one nerve is compressed. The compression can be caused when a median nerve is trapped, a disc is herniated, or just any other abnormality occurs. This can lead to serious pain. The best way to stop this pain is to decompress the compressed nerves. This will release pressure and subsequently relieve pain. However, this treatment can only be effective when a few nerves are affected. If nerves surrounding a wide area are compressed at the same time, the treatment may not be effective.

These are just a few treatment options that may be administered during a neuropathy treatment in Mission Viejo. The list doesn’t cover all the treatment options that may be available for specific damage in the central and peripheral nervous system. An interdisciplinary team for pain management might be your best bet if you are suffering severe symptoms of neuropathy. In this case, a group of professionals will work together to help you reduce the pain and improve your daily functioning.