Specialties Of Physical Therapy In Laguna Hills

Physical therapy in Laguna Hills comprises of various combinations of treatment techniques to alleviate or relieve body pains.

Body pains are natural occurrences that we have no control over. Therefore, it is recommended that you pay regular visits to treatment centers for treatment and/or prevention.

Physical therapy is a broad medical practice, hence sub-divided into specialties. Five distinct specialties of physical therapy in Laguna Hills are;


This is the branch that deals with the treatment the musculoskeletal system. The human anatomy focused on, here are; bones, joints, and muscles, including tendons and ligaments. This type of pain or injury is mostly associated with athletes and sportsmen. You may have heard about a footballer suffering from cruciate ligament. When this happens, treatment is provided by the orthopedic specialists.

What this basically mean is that the orthopedic branch deals with disorders pertaining to muscles and the skeleton or bones (skeletal system).

As earlier discussed, physical therapy or treatment and rehabilitation includes various methods. Such as, stretching, exercises, workouts, ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation and so on.


Pediatric physical therapy focuses more on the treatment and care of children. Children here are characterized as infants to adolescents.

It is during this stage that physical challenges in children are detected. Autism is a very common problem among toddlers. And early detection necessitates pediatric treatments and physical therapy.


Geriatric physical therapy focuses on ailments associated with old people or the elderly. Examples are; arthritis, osteoporosis, rheumatism, Alzheimer’s disease, and some others.

Geriatric physical therapists provide treatment and prevention of those diseases, ailments or physical challenges faced at old age. These quailed therapists provide treatment or physical therapy using a combination of methods and techniques.


Neurological physical therapy deals with the treatment neurological conditions, disorders and/or impairments. Examples of neurological disorders are; Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, cerebral palsy, stroke, multiple sclerosis, and so on.

Better still, this branch of medicine handles disorders associated with the nervous system.

Physical therapists that specialize in this field use various forms of physical therapy or treatment, including teaching.


This field deals with cardiovascular and pulmonary problems. Physical therapists in this field specialize in treating individuals who suffer from cardiovascular and pulmonary conditions. Examples of these medical problems include, but not limited to the following; heart attacks or cardiac arrests, pulmonary fibrosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

This branch basically deals with the diagnosis and treatment of conditions involving the heart and lungs.

Conclusively, it can be observed from the points raised above that physical therapy is a broad branch of medicine that can never be ignored.

This form of treatment encompasses all kinds of anatomic disorders and conditions, and also cut across all ages, from infants to the elderly.

Also, regular visits to a treatment center helps to elongate the life span of an individual. Many people do not know this, but physical therapy provides prevention of disorders one may encounter at old age.

So, if you have any old person battling any of the physical challenges listed above, kindly help them get help with a physical therapist. There are many forms of physical therapy in Laguna Hills that such patient can undertake. There is a saying that, health is wealth. This is so true because the consequences of not living healthy can be gravely.